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The FBI seeks new authorities and capabilities regularly, the same FBI with such a sorry record, going back to its origins, of abusing authority. The bully naturally pays no attention to international organizations and agreements, believing himself above the rules and constraints to which others hold. The organizations are either simply ignored or, as in the case of the UN, coerced into behaving along acceptable lines, America having spent some years recently refusing to pay its legally-required dues just to prove a point, as well as having been involved in more than one cabal to unseat a disliked secretary general.

Americans all give lip service to competition in economics, but the concept applies no less to the spheres of politics and world affairs. John Chuckman is former chief economist for a large Canadian oil company.

He has many interests and is a lifelong student of history. He writes with a passionate desire for honesty, the rule of reason, and concern for human decency. John regards it as a badge of honor to have left the United States as a poor young man from the South Side of Chicago when the country embarked on the pointless murder of something like 3 million Vietnamese in their own land because they happened to embrace the wrong economic loyalties.

He has been translated into at least ten languages and is regularly translated into Italian and Spanish. Several of his essays have been published in book collections, including two college texts. Contact him at jc yahoo. Intrepid Report.

Skip to content. The chance of an American being killed by terrorists is close to zero The risk is calculated to be 1 in 20 million By John Chuckman Posted on February 27, by John Chuckman. This entry was posted in Analysis. Bookmark the permalink.

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5. Student Debt

Any amount is appreciated! If you wish to make a recurring monthly donation, click here. Keep up with the latest on Intrepid Report. Friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Hedge funds are having their worst year since the crisis. After a decade of low interest rates that fueled a massive run-up in stocks, real estate and other assets, financial Cassandras are not hard to find.

Could be anything.

Privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to shake up $10 trillion home loan market

Could be nothing. Only time will tell if the everything bubble is a bubble at all. But, just a decade after the last financial crisis, here are five popular doom-and-gloom scenarios. Remember how the crisis was triggered by a bunch of people, who probably should not have been lent giant amounts of money in the first place, not making their mortgage payments?

3 Things That Could Burst Amazon's Trillion Dollar Bubble

Then fast-forward to , where bad mortgages may not be the problem. That number could balloon to 40 percent by , according to a report earlier this year by the Brookings Institution.

But this burden of debt is already beginning to wipe out the next generation of home buyers and auto purchasers. As a result, a generation of well-educated and underemployed millennials, told to value a college education above all, could drag down an economy that never seemed to want them in the first place. You know who has racked up even more debt than hopeful something ceramics-studies grads in the United States? Think about that. Now think about it some more. And grow it did.

3 Things That Could Burst Amazon's Trillion Dollar Bubble

The result is a country with a supersized population 1. Optimists might argue that those trillions bought a 21st-century Asian equivalent of the American dream.

A week later, she was tugging a new speedboat. A few weeks after that, it was Jet Skis. But what if it turned out that she bought all of those carbon-dioxide-spewing toys on credit, at crazy-low interest rates?