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Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time 30 Days All Time. Aurora - Way of the Goddess Pt. Aurora - Way of the Goddess An old man and a teen runaway - the adventure continues. Aurora - Goddess of the Dawn Pt. May to December Ch. Maddy and Mr. Sloane Older gent runs into his daughter's former teammate.

Caught by Daddy Masturbating Daddy spies on his brat and hears her breathily moan his name. If on an Island a Traveler Pt. Daddy's Little Gymnast Ch. For Daddy's Pleasure He's been busy and she wanted to surprise him.

Teasing Him Too Much Teasing him all day was worth the punishment. Emeli An older man, a younger woman, and a parking garage. Bribing the Babysitter Married man asks the babysitter to indulge his fetish.

Riley Seduces Elderly Couple College grad introduces elderly woman to lesbian. Karen's a Real Smoothie Now Older gent's teen neighbor changes her bohemian ways.

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Dinner at his brother's turns real interesting Ashley's Tail Ch. Giving in for Charity What can he do? He have such big heart. Debbie on my balcony. Tabitha A beautiful young girl is seduced by a powerful king. Transference Ch. Romance in Red Lust or Love Sugar Hill Older professor recounts his most intense sexual experience.

The Modern Mann

Trapped in the Closet Daddy and daughter fantasize as one watches on. A Little Side Business Pt. Lisette Ch. The Barista Older gent runs into his beautiful barista on a NY train. A Lesson in Spanish In which she negotiates paying her fees. Published: March 21, by Philippa Ann Holt. The villain Annika put in prison almost two years ago hunted her down and stole her. And now that he has her, not only is he going to show her the dirty truth about her superhero team.

Her Secret Desire by P. Words: 18, Published: March 3, by Philippa Ann Holt.

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As it turns out, both men will stop at nothing to possess Sera. Her Secret Desire is a rough, dark, and dirty dubcon alpha villain romp with an mfm romance all about claiming her! His Sweet Revenge by P. Published: March 2, by Philippa Ann Holt. One year ago, Jane and her superhero team sent their arch-nemesis to prison.

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The only problem? He was also her husband. This is one supervillain who is going to get the girl…whether she likes it or not. Words: 90, Published: February 28, by Philippa Ann Holt. Tales of Dystopian Decadence — all three stories collected in a single box set! Three courtesans trained to please and forced to spy. From seducing the enemy to dangerous politics, these women soon learn they are part of something much bigger than them, and that the submission they have been trained to give their men will do more than open their hearts.

It will set the world free. Words: 26, In a dystopian world where depravity reigns and power corrupts…Self-preservation is paramount, as far as Azure Morningside is concerned, and anyone who dares ask for more is a fool in her eyes. So when the headmistress pairs the hard-hearted courtesan with a demanding soldier Azure once loved, her only option is to keep him from breaking her heart again.

Published: February 27, by Philippa Ann Holt. In a dystopian world where depravity reigns and power corrupts Can she thaw his heart and bring hope to a dystopian world? Words: 31, In a dystopian world where depravity reigns and power corrupts…Follow one courtesan's mission to seek revenge without losing her heart to the enemy - the domineering billionaire she's been assigned to serve!

Jane is looking for a husband, but her dearest friend tells her to seek out a good lay first, and the rest will In this short erotic satire, see what happens to an innocent girl seeking regency romance. Graphic and silly euphemisms abound! Words: 51, Published: February 26, by Philippa Ann Holt. Meet Eliza Honeymuff, a young lady with only one desire: erotic exploration. Join our heroine as she gives and receives pleasure, and satisfies her curiosity in ways unbecoming a lady!

Eliza's time has come at last - she has unexpectedly found a husband. A husband who is fond of sharing. Because Garrett desires a wanton wife with no limits, a woman he can share with his friends. Eliza's days as a plaything aren't over - they are only just beginning in the final story of her sensual explorations. Words: 4, Eliza Honeymuff has met her match. Garrett Howland is rumored to be well-endowed, so large no ordinary harlot can take him. Eliza believes herself up to the challenge. Now offered as the main course at a lewd banquet, Eliza must prove herself capable of taking the man no other woman has been able to satisfy. Published: February 25, by Philippa Ann Holt. Eliza's guardian gives her to a man who wants to teach his wife a lesson about her duties in bed. Soon the student becomes the teacher, exhibiting herself so another man's wife can learn how to take what he wants and give him the pleasure he desires. Published: February 24, by Philippa Ann Holt.

Henry has a very simple task for Eliza: service his former employer to ensure a generous inheritance! This historical erotica features a wanton lady pleasuring five gentlemen all at once and loving every moment of it. Published: February 23, by Philippa Ann Holt. Eliza and Lydia finally share more than an embrace. Their friendship blossoms into hedonic ecstasy under the watchful eyes of the six men who've gathered for a very special affair.

It takes only a few sweet kisses for Eliza to show Lydia that being naughty comes with erotic rewards. Eliza remains in London at Henry's townhouse, where he has just introduced her to the lovely Lydia Ryder. As she soon learns, Henry and Jasper have plans for Eliza and Lydia - deliciously carnal plans that teach Eliza to appreciate her own gender in an even more intimate manner. Published: February 22, by Philippa Ann Holt. Eliza is taken to London where she begins to entertain Henry's friends, where she becomes a plaything for not one, but two gentlemen, both of whom want only to please her.

When unfortunate circumstances place Eliza under the guardianship of family friend, Henry, she discovers he is willing to help her explore her curiosities about the sensual arts. She offers herself to him and starts a new life: one in which she becomes her guardian's plaything in a forbidden adventure. Billionaire Fairy Tale Romance by P. Holt Down-on-their-luck women meet the billionaires who obsess about them Germain is powerless to do nothing but agree…. Holt Three superhero ladies. Four supervillains who've just orchestrated a prison break.

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