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Her curriculum was driven by the post-revolutionary rhetoric of Republican Motherhood, which stressed the responsibility of women to provide the early intellectual and moral training of their children.

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She deeply believed in the intellectual equality of the sexes, and her students learned practical subjects, such as mathematics, geology, and astronomy, as well as ornamental lessons of painting, sewing, and music. The proximity of the Litchfield Law School, where nearly 1, young men would learn to be leaders in politics, education, and other spheres made for a lively social and intellectual community and created a vast social network for students to access throughout their lives.

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Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Abstract The integration of children with spina bifida into ordinary schools has been well documented but the integration of such children into service schools abroad raises additional problems. Volume 13 , Issue 4 December Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. I know that budgets are small but lawsuits are expensive and you might be surprised to find that you can hire a lawyer and sort all of this out pretty efficiently for a very reasonable fee or maybe you have a friend who would do it pro bono or for a trade of services.

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You can carry your small business mindset over to fulfilling your legal needs and find a small firm or independent legal consultant to help you. In addition to the items above, you should also be thinking about:. The process of creating those templates will also educate you on where the break points are for when you really do need to consult with a lawyer. Vitally important is having a chain of command on who can sign what kinds of documents.

Having signed a number of these in my time, I highly recommend having a lawyer review them. The most important thing to remember when it comes to the legal side of marketing is to over communicate. Finding a lawyer who will partner with you as a small business is critical or being open with your in-house counsel as needs arise.

And finally, over communicating with your team. Never assume that staff know what they should be doing regarding the legal aspects of your business: have an order of operations clearly explained and documented in a place that is easy to find, remind them that it is there, and have it as a part of your on boarding education. All publishers and authors should consult with a lawyer regarding all legal documents, promotional giveaways, GDPR requirements, etc. So what does that mean exactly?

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It also blurs a little when it comes to social media—which is traditionally thought to be marketing—but this is another place where you have to earn your followers. Marketing includes things like print ads , pay-per-click PPC advertising, catalogs, merchandizing at Indies and Amazon , posters and postcards. As someone who has worked on both sides of this coin, the people you work with will be so happy if you can keep them straight and minimize the emails flying between them.

They really do have limited time and many books, reducing the redundancy means they are spending more time focusing on those aforementioned things that really do move the needle. All the things are happening behind the scenes at SRPR to get the company back up and running. That includes the relaunch of this website, designing new materials with the expert guidance of Linda Secondari , outreach, coffees, and conversations with all the people, writing blog posts, and generally putting things back together.

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If you have landed here on my newly updated website, I will first thank you for stopping by! And second, ask you to come back soon as I will be posting regularly about all types of things that impact publishers and authors in the promotional sphere. That will include the legal side of marketing and PR, developing effective how-to guides for staff and authors, SEO for authors and what you, as an author need to know about SEO and your book, and much more.

I will be launching a newsletter soon, please sign-up to receive it, and a podcast in the next few months featuring authors, publishing people, and those working across social media and marketing in various industries. All of this is to say, I hope this will become an educational hub for authors, publishing people, and those who enjoy learning more about marketing, branding, and public relations. Skip to content. Commitment to Diversity and Access in Publishing Sarah Russo Public Relations commits to helping authors from marginalized and underrepresented communities learn how to enhance their brand and publish successfully. Spark of an Idea The 92Y talk, in combination with an article published the same day by Heather Demetrios about the trials and tribulations of her publishing path, made me realize there is a real need for a conversation about the basic concepts of publishing.

Do you have to have an agent to publish? What is earning out and how do you earn royalties? How do publishers make decisions about who and what to publish? How do publishers decide where their very finite marketing and publicity budgets go? Can I negotiate in my contract for things like a marketing budget? What about social media, websites, and the unpaid time and design fees you invest there?

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Do you need to hire people? And read my blog for more useful information for authors. What the course looks like: This is an A to Z, full day workshop lunch is included covering an introduction to publishing and then focusing on each authors goals and how building or enhancing a professional brand and a strong platform aids publishers and authors in selling books. Alexandra Hernandez will be joining us as a special guest!

Details and such: A whole lot more detail can be learned by clicking through to the product page on my website here. What is SEO? Why is SEO important to you?

Other types of content that search engines crawl and use to increase your ranking: Video or audio did you just give a lecture that was recorded, were you a guest on a podcast? Ask if you can post to your website. White papers, journal articles, ebooks, opeds ask if you can post an excerpt and link back to the full article. Social media content have a Twitter widget on your site. Visual content like infographics. How-to guides and tutorials.

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Reading lists or a syllabus. That can be Twitter, Amazon , LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, your university page if you can edit it , or a host of others. Find the right place and be active there. If you do have a website, use an SEO plugin. The general consensus is that twice a week is great if you can make that work. Regularity is important. Try to post on the same day s each week. If you have a website, use widgets to feed to the homepage.

Create a content calendar and try to stick to it. Keep it simple. Additional Reading If you are planning to start a website, take a look at my post on the legal bits of marketing that you should consider and if you want to know more about social media look here.

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