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Timothy Paul Hynes, 36, was homeschooled for junior and senior high school in New Hampshire. He was formerly a deacon at St.

Catechism of the Catholic Church - The sacrament of Holy Orders

Patrick Parish in Brockton. Before entering St.

Mark Teodor Olejnik, 30, studied theology at Boston College. He was born in Brighton, and went to elementary and middle school in Marlborough and high school in Chelsea. He was previously a deacon at St.

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Paul Parish in Cambridge. He is currently a member of the Air Force Chaplaincy Program. Carignan Langlois Rouse, 30, a Tallahassee, Fla.

He has a degree in philosophy from St. Joseph Parish in Lynn, where he will return for Mass Sunday. James Paul Wargovich, 25, was born in Weymouth and was homeschooled for elementary school through high school. Ordination imprints an indelible sacramental character. The Church confers the sacrament of Holy Orders only on baptized men viri , whose suitability for the exercise of the ministry has been duly recognized. Church authority alone has the responsibility and right to call someone to receive the sacrament of Holy Orders. In the Latin Church the sacrament of Holy Orders for the presbyterate is normally conferred only on candidates who are ready to embrace celibacy freely and who publicly manifest their intention of staying celibate for the love of God's kingdom and the service of men.

The sacrament of Holy Orders My friend is ordained a priest

The Second Vatican Council reminds us that the mission of ordained clergy, while unique, is interrelated to the mission of the lay faithful:. Though they differ from one another in essence and not only in degree, the common priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial or hierarchical priesthood are nonetheless interrelated: each of them in its own special way is a participation in the one priesthood of Christ. The ministerial priest, by the sacred power he enjoys, teaches and rules the priestly people; acting in the person of Christ, he makes present the eucharistic sacrifice, and offers it to God in the name of all the people.

But the faithful, in virtue of their royal priesthood, join in the offering of the Eucharist. They likewise exercise that priesthood in receiving the sacraments, in prayer and thanksgiving, in the witness of a holy life, and by self-denial and active charity.

Diaconate Ordination 2019