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This is what the acropolis in Pergamon is said to have looked like, and this is where King Eumenes II had the Pergamon Altar erected sometime between and BC, presumably to honor the gods Zeus and Athena. Traveling merchants mentioned Pergamon as early as the Middle Ages: 14th-century Italian Cyriacus of Ancona claimed he had found the ruins of a lost city. In , an agent named William Petty brought parts of the altar to England for an art collector, the Earl of Arundel. The collection was eventually forgotten, until decades later, when archaeologists discovered a panel in the wall of a home in Worksop pictured.

It proved to be a frieze from the Pergamon Altar. A second panel was found in a neo-Gothic ruins in a country estate in Oxfordhshire.

Lost fragments

More than years later, the Ottoman Empire commissioned Carl Humann, a German engineer and passionate hobby archaeologist, to build a coastal road. He noticed ancient ruins jutting out of the ground along the designated route. He began to dig - and then to send the antiquities he found to Berlin. At the outset of the excavation in , Carl Humann bragged he hadn't just found "a dozen relief panels," but an entire art epoch that had been "buried and forgotten.

A few years later, Sultan Abdul Hamid II sold foreign archaeologists the rights to explore the culture of Asia Minor and to send some of their findings home. The Germans paid a handsome price for the Pergamon Altar in its entirety. The altar was reconstructed and the frieze fragments were assembled in the right order. In , the Battle Between the Giants and the Olympian Gods, hewn in stone, was opened to the public. Found to be structurally unsound, the first Pergamon Museum was closed again just seven years later.

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In , the Pergamon Altar was opened to the public again, this time in the newly erected Pergamon Museum - but not for long. To protect the antique structure during World War II, it was moved to a bunker near the city zoo. It was relocated to Berlin in In , Turkey requested the antique shrine be returned to its original site, repeating the claim again three years later. But the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which oversees the Berlin collection, is adamant that the altar was purchased legally and is not to be repatriated.

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The Pergamon Altar has crisscrossed Europe since the Middle Ages, before finally coming to rest in Berlin, where the monumental construction has consistently drawn crowds to the city's Museum Island. Currently closed for renovation, the magnificent exhibit is to open again to the public in The company expects to recover their expenses through entrance fees.

As of , the temporary exhibition will show a huge panorama created by artist Yadegar Asisi.

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They will be accompanied by an exhibition on the monument. The Pergamon Altar will also be shown in 3D animations. Experts of the Darmstadt Fraunhofer Institute had laser scanned the meter-long foot-long frieze before it was put into storage and prepared a 3D model of it. Currently, the world-famous Pergamon Altar is packed and covered, protected from the dust and debris of the construction site.

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The renovation was therefore described as open heart surgery. Some 80 years after its opening and decades after the massive damage caused by World War II, a general refurbishment of the three-winged building appeared inevitable. A fourth wing was also to be added to the museum. The Pergamon Altar hall was to reopen in , which meant Berlin would be losing a major attraction for a few years.

The main reason for the rising costs and delays is apparently two pump houses built in the ground. The pumps served during the initial construction of the building, between and , to pump out the ground water, but they had not been removed afterwards, explained the German Ministry of Construction. Such complications had not been discovered before the beginning of the renovation works. Planners had not done any test drilling to avoid unnecessarily disturbing the operations of the museum. Additionally, the costs were estimated 10 years ago.

At least 60 million euros of the increase in the project's costs are directly due to the fact that construction costs have since risen.

O Come to the Altar: A Song for Broken Sinners

The Pergamon Museum will obtain an additional wing to house an exhibition about the history of architecture. For the time being, the Pergamon Altar remains inaccessible to visitors. Forgiveness came at the cost of the blood of Jesus. Jesus rose from the dead. Those who are forgiven may worship Jesus, bear their cross, and tell others about Him.

Are you hurting and broken within? Overwhelmed by the weight of your sin? Elevation Worship asks us questions to which Jesus offers a solution, namely, Himself Matthew References Hebrews , which describes Jesus as the altar by which we must bear His reproach, seeking the city, the new Jerusalem, which is to come Revelation Forgiveness was bought with The precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Without the shedding of His blood, there is no forgiveness of sins Hebrews This is a call to move forward in our lives and to not dwell on past iniquity and sin Luke , 2 Corinthians , and Philippians Sing Hallelujah, Christ is risen. Jesus rose from the dead!

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Jesus calls us to bear our crosses Matthew , Matthew , Luke , and Luke If we remain firm in our faith, we will receive the crown of life James The elders, who faithfully and biblically shepherd their flock, will receive the crown of glory 1 Peter Refers to the Great Commission, a final call given first to the disciples of Jesus and applies to us today as the body of Christ Matthew Hopefully, the same way I have. It invites those who wish to leave behind their sinful lifestyle and approach the altar of Jesus. Not that I am complaining. In terms of worship, our church uses this during communion, a phenomenal usage of this amazing tune.

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I love how you connected everything to Bible verses! The song reminded me of this verse as well: Then I will go to the altar of God, to God, my joy and my delight. I will praise you with the lyre, O God, my God.

Photo by Hugues de Buyer-Mimeure. What message does the song communicate? How much of the lyrics line up with Scripture?